More About Me

I am a paralegal in a small law office in California where I utilize my writing skills every day. There is no creativity in legal writing. “Just the Facts, Ma’am,” as Joe Friday used to say.

My first love is creative writing. I often take the "what if" situations of my life and weave words into stories I think others might relate to and enjoy. Each time I sit down at the keyboard, I strive to write from a place of truth. I feel strongly about the words I put onto paper and doing my best to write well. 

I have written several short stories, submitted some, and had a few accepted for publication.  I have completed a novel, and I am currently seeking an agent for representation. Writing an 80,000 word novel is hard work, sometimes fun and other times difficult, but writing a query letter is even more tedious. I have to shrink all those words down to 250 words containing the core of the story and make it interesting enough for an agent to ask for my work.  I have received some compliments for my work thus far, but also rejections.  It's all part of being a writer. 

My advice to any writing, whether new or seasoned, is to make a writing schedule and stick to it.   Read in your chosen genre, but read everything else you can get your hands on.   

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