Monday, June 11, 2007


Starting Thursday of this week, I will officially be on vacation through June 23. This Friday, I fly up to Warrenton, Oregon for my cousin’s graduation with her Masters in Social Work. Tammy, who is my double cousin (more on that in a few), is also my soul sister and best friend. She has raised a wonderful daughter as a single parent, owned her own business as a hairdresser and worked hard for the last several years to reach her dream of becoming a social worker. She is truly an inspiration to me.

Now, back to the double cousins, for those of you who may not know: our mothers were sisters and our fathers are brothers. Tammy and I are connected through the same maternal and paternal family bloodline. Simple as far as biology goes. However, the soul connection between us runs deeper than any I’ve ever experienced. What a wonderful gift.

I am really looking forward to sharing four days with Tammy. Then, I will be spending the last four days of my vacation doing things I want to do at home. I plan to finish painting the trim on my house, as well as doing minor repairs. At my condo, I don’t have a yard but I do have a terrace where I have plants and ceramic animals. I am hoping to expand my herb garden, as well as add a potted jasmine. Finally, I will work on organizing my home office, closet included. I can’t wait!

After returning from Oregon, and in between all of this work, I plan on sitting my derriere down and working on my short stories and my novel. The only way to learn discipline is to make a habit of writing creatively every day. I would like to average at least 10 pages (or approximately 2500 words) on my creative writing each day. It does not matter whether I work simultaneously on both my stories and novel or on just one of the other on any given day.

I look forward to all of the adventures during the coming 11 days!

© 2007 Susan Littlefield

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