Sunday, March 27, 2011

Query Halt


I have halted the query process based on feedback from my beta reader and a critique group colleague.  While I feel secure that my typos and spelling errors have been cleaned up, I have learned that I have problems with characterization. 

My beta reader told me she would love to hang out with my main character but cannot connect with him.  “Can you give him something outside of work to do?” She asked.  “Maybe make him a dog lover or something?”

My critique colleague said my main character did not seem to have much depth, that things seemed a little too easy for him. 

When I put this feedback side-by-side with what two prior agents said in wonderful rejection letters, I instantly knew I had written a cardboard character.  I had the choice to either trunk the novel or do a rewrite.

I chose to fatten up my paper-doll, because I am a firm believer in finishing what I start.  Therefore, I have stopped the query process while I rewrite to give my main character more substance and depth. 

I am also working on a second novel, which my critique group seems to like.  I have never worked on two large projects at the same time.  I am learning how to prioritize my time so I do not get behind on one or the other.  Believe me, working on two novels can be challenging. 

This is it for now.  Happy writing!

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