Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's been awhile. I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook, my main source of networking with other writers. So far, I have connected with most members in the Redwood Branch of the California Writer's Club, as well as hooked up with many local friends, friends from long ago, and family members. I have been having a great time!

I also helped create a critique group for thriller writers through the auspices of our writer's club. We meet twice a month and critique each other's work. For me, it is an invaluable experience to hear from other writers what they like about my work, what they don't like and any suggestions they might have. I also enjoy reading the work of my writer cohorts in the group. All the stories are different, but contain thriller aspects in them. In this type of situation, I have learned there is no room for hurt feelings. It's a matter of taking what I like and leaving the rest.

I enjoy writing on my novel as much as I can. However, as usual, I can find many distractions. It's not writer's block, just my own shortcoming of not being able to discipline myself. The deadlines with my writer's group helps keep me on track. It would be embarrassing to tell my group I have nothing for them to critique!

It's time for me to unhook my computer from the dsl modem, take my laptop into the living room and sit down and write.

Happy writing all!

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