Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been a lazy when it comes to writing. During the summer, I turned cable off and signed up for Netflix in hopes that an episode or two of my favorite TV shows on DVD would be a nice reward for writing. Well, as it turns out, Netflix is a distraction.

I came up with another plan this last week; I decided to take up knitting again after a 25 year hiatus. My plan is to write an hour per day, and then watch Netflix while I knit. Right now, I am working on a scarf for Don. My next project will be a sweater for me. Maybe I’ll knit a beanie and slippers. So far, the knitting plan has been more successful than the Netflix plan. I like rewards for writing. I just need to stick to the reward system.

Some would say I am blocked. I don’t believe this because when I sit down to write I actually put sentences on the paper that make sense and move the piece forward (like now). My problem is that I would rather be doing something else, because that other activity is never as difficult as writing.

Writing is hard work. Not writing is easy. But, if I don’t write then I won’t be able to submit for publication. I have been published at least six times- four poems in magazines years ago, and two short stories in the last year. But, these publications only happened because I wrote, edited, and submitted. In addition, I maintain my blog and my website, and writing is about 90% of my day job.

I need to treat my writing like a second job. When I work at my paralegal job, I am in my office working away except for breaks and lunch. I try to stay focused and shut out distractions. There is no reason that I should not be doing the same things for my writing.

Happy writing to all…and happy Thanksgiving!

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